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Quick Delivery
Quick Delivery

With us, you can buy YouTube video likes within seconds. Yes, it is because the packages are easy to buy and don’t require any technical side of information.

Excellent Service
Excellent Service

The service is totally worthy of giving a try! Don’t wait, just do it because we don’t create a fuss and always help you in growing a YouTube channel. This is possible because we only rely on real and active YouTube users.

Packages to Choose
Packages to Choose

As you can see, there are packages for all – beginners, rookies, and even pro-level YouTubers. Engage with us and ask your queries if you are not sure about the package details, or if a particular package will work for you or not.

Why Should You Buy YouTube Likes?

Buy cheap YouTube likes so that your channel shines out among the competitors.

The kind of attention you need on YouTube for monetization requires likes and other engagement metrics. However, if you really want to monetize the channel, there are specific ways.

Likewise, there are facts around YouTube monetization requirements. That is why it is a must to start a YouTube channel after knowing basics.

To start monetization and put an impact as an influencer (that may come in the later stage) you will need to know the following.

  • Every video on YouTube has two options – like and dislike. For complete YouTube SEO, it is mandatory to have more likes than dislikes.
  • Secondly, more the likes, the better the views and other engagement – comments, shares, subscribers, views, watch time and live streaming views.
  • Technically, if you get YouTube likes, the prospects of meeting basic requirements to monetize the YouTube channel become less challenging.
  • Interestingly, if you turn all cards the way required, chances of meeting the prime milestone of “going viral” increases more than ever.
  • Also, the kind of ROI and sales you try to have on a business website boosts automatically after buying YouTube likes.

So yeah! Planning and strategizing are two sides of growing passive or primary income on YouTube. With more YouTube likes, you will have a boost on your YouTube channel.

Benefits of Buying Real YouTube Likes

Similar to any other search engine, YouTube also works around algorithms. YouTube likes work as a medium to boost algorithms which helps in YouTube SEO.

That’s why, with every real YouTube like, optimization game changes drastically. All you have to enjoy after getting real and active YouTube likes are perks, bounties, and advantages.

Let’s take a look at some of the most visible changes in the channel once you buy YouTube likes.

  • Gains Attention of Viewers

Whenever you decide to get YouTube likes, it gives a lot more than just likes. For example, it helps you get YouTube views without spending a single dime. It is because of a reason, though – with every like you buy, you become closer to other milestone – getting authentic and real views, comments, etc.  

In this regard, videos with more likes attract more viewers. Likewise, it gives more reasons for YouTube users to subscribe to your channel. In other words, with more likes, it is easy to play with the YouTube users' psyche – see more, click on the like button – see less likes, ignore the video altogether. Yes! It takes only one split second to decide to watch the video or move on to the next one.

  • YouTube Likes Help in Social Presence

The influence of likes on YouTube videos in a playlist or channel is way more significant than your imagination. It increases organic and real likes and maintains trust on social platforms. Also, with better metrics, buyers and viewers get convinced of you as a brand or company. What else? It gives a feeling that the channel is not owned by a noob and the person who owns the channel holds social presence.

However, it is okay if you are not a brand or company. You can still buy instant YouTube likes for a channel that offers tips and tricks, tutorials, reviews, etc.

  • YouTube Videos are Easily Searched

Yes, it is correct to say that YouTube likes gives an access to reach YouTube search bar. It means your content always has a potential to reach YouTube’s search bar. However, videos with the most views and likes can be searched way easier than those that possess fewer likes. Once your video reaches search bar, it becomes the best gateway to attract more likes, views, comments, shares, etc.

  • Assists in Branding and Marketing

YouTube likes would assist differently if you are a business or brand owner and want more clicks on advertisements, better ROI, excellent leads and connections, or anything similar. Your brand or company receives credibility and loyalty from clients. In other words, YouTube's marketing strategy does wonders in bringing awareness to the brand.

  • Credibility is Enhanced

With the most likes, YouTube channel earns credibility. It is because the information you share is liked and builds a community. Another reason is based on the kind of comments it receives. Also, with more likes, channels are recommended by other YouTube channels. All of these good things happen with the greatest number of likes on videos and playlists. It is not wrong to say that YouTube starts soaring with the growth of authority and specialization.

  • Increases Official Website's Traffic

After buying YouTube likes, you get more than usual traffic on your official website. That leads to more clients, better ROI, excellent conversion rate, and beautiful sales. To make sure you get all such benefits, it is a must to use website link in the description box. 

Is it Safe to Buy Likes on YouTube?

There are several reasons why YouTubers never buy bot-generated likes.

  • First, it keeps them away from getting banned or deleted.
  • Second, all sorts of violations keep the flow of likes steady, and they are not removed.
  • Third, you don’t get any email about the termination of the partnership program. In addition, monetization is not canceled out.

It is totally a misconception that real YouTube likes to put you at risk. Instead, it is always fake or bot-generated low-quality YouTube likes that cause a lot of problems after the purchase.

Why fake YouTube likes puts you at risk?

As soon as YouTube detects fake likes, you are red flagged. Then, it deranks video and even channel if and when needed. Not just that, there are other reasons to not monetize the content you post on YouTube.

But again, as far as the question “is it safe to buy likes on YouTube?” is concerned. The answer is here:

Yes, it is 100% safe to buy YouTube likes from an authentic source like Otherwise, you have to bear the consequences mentioned above.

Get Organic YouTube Likes with Refill Guarantee

With us, whenever you get YouTube likes, there is significantly less chance of observing a drop in the number of likes bought.

Since our aim is to help and not to leave any of our clients stranded or worried. We only provide what we promised – quality services at low rates.

To keep that buckled up in the mission statement, we always look out for the clients in need. That’s where facilitates clients, yes including you, with refills without extra charges.

So, if you experience a drop in likes, please don’t hesitate and reach us out. Our representative will help you with refilling YouTube likes instantly.

Features of Buying YouTube Likes from

Maintaining trust and loyalty from clients, including “you,” is only possible if and when we, provide enough reasons. In that regard, we have shared how and why we are liked by thousands of YouTubers. 

Feature #1: An Array of Packages 

Everyone has different goals and milestones to achieve. That is the reason why we have 8  packages to choose from. However, our packages are inexpensive and contain enough likes to kickstart and augment YouTube videos. Following are some details of the packages we offer. 

  • 50 YouTube likes: $2
  • 100 YouTube likes: $3.5
  • 250 YouTube likes: $6
  • 500 YouTube likes: $9.5
  • 1000 YouTube likes: $17
  • 2500 YouTube likes: $42
  • 5000 YouTube likes: $75
  • 10,000 YouTube likes: $135

Note: You can always discuss the plan for YouTube growth and then choose the package. It will keep you away from making a wrong decision. 

Feature #2: 24/7 Real Chat

Unlike other service providers, we have a team that always help you in figuring out queries. How to approach us? You can use live chat support or an email at info@youtubesubscribers.  Our support is available 24/7 all around the year.

However, we always suggest clients to contact us on live chat in case of emergencies. Because, it is the place where you will find an instant reply. In cases where the queries don’t need an urgent response, emails work out best.

Feature #3: YouTube Targeted Likes suggests targeted likes from specific countries, cities, and regions. We highly recommend getting YouTube likes from targeted countries to level up the game in particular places. These targeted likes serve best when a brand or company needs an audience from a specific community. Keeping that in mind, we at facilitate likes from the UK, US, Australia, Canada, etc. to meet your requirements and expectations.

Feature #4: High-Quality Likes in Low Rates

Bearing in mind the range of our clientele, we offer packages at reasonable and accommodating rates. These rates are not compromised on quality. These likes on YouTube channels render best services at lowest rates. Anyone can rely on our packages for the same reason.

Feature #5: Experienced Professionals with Tons of In-depth Information

It’s been more than a decade to be in this business. Over the course of more than a decade, we have inculcated features that work in favor of the clients. These professionals are veterans with ample and up-to-date information regarding additions to YouTube policies, terms, and guidelines.

Feature #6: Likes Stay for Long

The retention rate of our likes on your videos is far more than what our competitors offer. The reason for retention relies on real and active YouTube users. We always maintain quality which is the main reason for our successful completion of a decade-long service. Even though there is hardly any drop in likes provided, we still offer free of cost refills. Please check out our terms and conditions to know more about the policies.

Feature #7: No Need to Share Sensitive Details

We never ask for sensitive information that may harm our trust level and rapport with you. It clearly means, you have to provide us with following;

  • Email address – to confirm the order placed
  • Video link – to drop likes purchased

What we never ask from you include username and password.

Feature #8: Secure Payment Gateways

You can buy cheap YouTube like PayPal, through cards like debit and credit or master, and crypto. All these gateways are away from any risk. To make the payments most reliable and easy, we use SSL encryptions, ensuring safety.


Method to Buy Cheap YouTube Likes PayPal

Here is how you can buy cheap YouTube likes from us,

Step #1: Visit here.

Step #2: Click on “YouTube” to see a drop-down menu 

Step #3: Select “Video Likes” to get redirected to the website 

Step #4: You will see eight types of packages. Select whichever suits you best 

Step #5: Contact our representative over live chat and let him know your need 

Step #6: He will ask for details like the link to the video and email 

Step #7: Deposit the amount mentioned in the package. 

Step #8: That is all you need to do to place an order. From this point, you will need to relax and wait for some time. Likes will be delivered where you ask. 

Client Reviews

Testimonials that you can read from our clients

Frequently Asked Questions

People buy YouTube likes for several reasons. First of all, with likes, your channel earns credibility and an audience. With that, you can also sell more of what your business or brand is about. Not just that, there is always a more significant return to agencies that take care of businesses. We see YouTubers making millions of dollars through channel monetization. So, yes! There are many ways to use YouTube. However, to taste the real flavor of success on YouTube is possible by buying YouTube likes.

No, YouTube doesn’t block or delete anyone’s account. However, there are specific ways to keep your YouTube channel protected. For instance, keeping track of policies, terms, and guidelines. If and when you don’t keep track, disaster happens – yes, chances of compromising on the YouTube channel increases. 

One of the main reasons for deleted or blocked YouTube accounts is “buying fake, or bot-generated YouTube likes.” That’s why it is a must to stay away from others and buy cheap YouTube likes from us,

One of the ways to boost YouTube videos or channels is to understand YouTube algorithms. Once you have more likes on channels, videos, or playlists, it becomes easier to hit the sweet spot of YouTube algorithms. Also, your videos are more searchable on the YouTube search bar, and these likes are the source of better ROI, website traffic, and leads to your business or brand.

Real YouTube likes look real which is the reason why nobody comes to know if they are organic or bought ones. Yes, bought YouTube likes appear natural on videos. 

YouTube likes affect performance of channels – yes!! It does. Some of the effects on a YouTube are based on following areas.

  • It attracts more engagement tools
  • Your content fulfils the criteria of monetization
  • It becomes easy to reach “YouTube search bar”
  • Website gets more leads, traffic, and sales